Broker Price Opinion Gumbo

A Broker Price Opinion (BPO) can be the powerful tool that clarifies and clearly identify what your property is worth today. 

Get a comprehensive overview of the complete bowl of goodness:

  • People - who uses these reporting tools.
  • Places - establishing value using a systematic proven approach.
  • Exchange - get started in the process to make your gumbo...a special stew of vast proportions so you can serve yourself a better understanding of what you should do next.

With every gumbo there is a roux...and ours consist of understanding the relationships of those needing to evaluate a property and how a Broker Price Opinion can best help our clients.

Consideration of places...where they are and how they relate to those around them plays a critical role in the interpretation of the multiple sources of data used to evaluate value.

Exchange is the final part of the simmered ingredients as we provide you with the essential data you need to help leverage your position or simply let you see what the value is of a property now with trend data to consider the future.




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Ian Cockburn is managing Real Estate Broker with John Anthony Realty LLC, licensed in the State of Louisiana with the LA Real Estate Commission.